We love what we do

25 years of constructing special machines and 25 years of constant upward progress: our refinement, our competence and our passion for building machines are all tied into our development. Our products are a clear demonstration of what our customers can expect from our endeavours. Fully automated, complex, yet individual. With us, absolute perfection comes as standard. We can do this because we bring to the task something quite special: our passion for our calling.

Solutions close to the customer

Since 1991 Geringer Halbleitertechnik GmbH & Co KG, based at Barbing near Regensburg, has been established as a machine builder for the semiconductor and sensor industry. We are a leading manufacturer of innovative production systems for the semiconductor industry, building ultra-precise microassembly systems with a precision of over 1 µm, fully automated front-end systems for processing individual wafers, and integrated back-end systems. What sets us apart is our proximity to our customers – everything we develop and build is tailored directly to our customers, right from the initial idea through to small series of finished production systems.

Geringer worldwide

Display illumination for mobile phones, motion and engine control sensors for cars, optical fibre networks for telecommunications: there's a piece of Geringer in all of them. The machines we make, which produce these parts, can be found all over the world. Not only the mechanical elements but also the entire control electronics and software and the image-processing systems are developed and manufactured by us on our own premises. And although we have already achieved much, we stand by our sole objective: for and alongside our customers, to become a little better every day. But let us take a look now at what has happened over the last 25 years.


  • A fascination with machine building and the start of a lasting alliance: company founder
    Michael Geringer (shown) commissions the first fully automated wire bonder and thereby
    makes the transition from manual work to automation in the semiconductor
    industry – and sets the first milestone for the future.

  • Further progress: Michael Geringer develops and builds an optical checking station
    for 1 MB DRAM memory for Siemens AG.

  • Now also officially linked on paper: the Michael Geringer design office is founded and a clear
    overall objective that determines the future path for our joint efforts is established.

  • The work bears fruit: Geringer develops and manufactures its first equipment
    to be used by Siemens AG.

  • An important milestone for later successes: the first die sorter is designed and built.

  • The passion pays off – the first die bonder is developed by Geringer and establishes
    a brand name in the industry.

  • Bursting at the seams: the old company building can no longer meet either the spatial or the
    technical requirements of the growing business. Geringer moves into a new headquarters.

  • Geringer presents the first fully automated microassembly systems in the world for producing
    transmission and receiver modules for optical fibre networks.
    Meanwhile, production of die bonders steadily increases.

  • The product range is constantly extended, as Geringer constructs a fully automated
    microassembly system for CD read heads.

  • Always rich in ideas: Geringer creates a microassembly unit for power laser modules.

  • Success speaks for itself: Geringer broadens its portfolio with a test handler with belts for Hall
    effect sensors.

  • Another relocation: Geringer builds a new, ultra-modern headquarters with all the facilities
    for precision work – including an active automatic microassembly system for high-brilliance
    micro laser modules.

  • A further broadening of competences as Geringer creates a test handler for solar modules.

  • Step by step towards success: rather than resting on its laurels, Geringer always builds
    on them – now with a tri-temp test handler (-45° C, +170° C and room temperature) for
    Hall effect sensors.

  • Geringer's greatest flagship moment: taking over the A-series die bonder business.
    At the same time the company celebrates its 20th anniversary.

  • A new generation at Geringer? Yes – but only the technology. The new A-series generation
    is presented and production begins.

  • Further focus on die bonders, but without losing sight of our core business: Geringer develops
    and builds another generation of test handlers for Hall effect sensors.

  • 25 years of Geringer: on the occasion of this anniversary the company defines its purpose
    and sets its objectives for the future. These are: to go into the next 25 years with the same
    level of passion – and to achieve as much as possible.

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